Friday, 15 March 2013

Avast! 8 Latest Version Crack Till 2050 [ ZeNiX ]

The all-new avast! 8 has arrived ( as well as the crack too )
AVAST Software has released avast! 8, which now comes in four main flavours: avast! Free Antivirus, avast! Pro Antivirus (from $39), avast! Internet Security (from $49) and avast! Premier (from $69) all have a new touch-optimised, Windows 8-style interface. And they also include Software Updater, a tool which automatically checks for updates of the most commonly-exploited apps (Adobe Reader, Adobe AIR, Flash, Java, browsers and so on), as well as a simple Browser Cleanup app to help you review your browser addons, and remove or disable any you don’t want.
Improvements behind the scenes see avast! 8 better able to detect and block not just one the one particular sample you’ve encountered, but also many similar files, and even entire malware families.
AVAST’s Ondrej Vlcek claims this new technology “helps create much more efficient definitions, which can often protect against vast sets of malware, including unknown ‘zero-day’ malware, without the risk of generating false positives.”
Avast! 8 also introduces a new detection engine which monitors suspect files in an isolated environment before you’re able to execute them, is better able to monitor what they’re doing, and, avast! says, will “help users make more intelligent decisions, whether files running in the sandbox are malicious or not”.
How much it costs ?
avast! Pro Antivirus – $39
avast! Internet Security –  $49
avast! Premier –  $69
no…its all free..just install the ZeNiX crack and enjoy your avast! 8 till 2050 with all new updates :)

How to Crack and Activate ?
  1. Download and install the latest trial version of any avast! edition such as Internet Security,Premier or Pro Anti Virus
  2. After installation go to avast settings > troubleshooting and disable avast! self-defence module [ image ]
  3. Now download the ZeNiX simple
  4. Extract it and run ZeNiX Installer.exe
  5. Click install button
  6. when installation is completed the avast and installer will be closed automatically
  7. Now restart your computer
  8. Yaay !! subscription since 2050 March
  • You must turn off avast! self-defence module to use the ZeNiX installer
  • You can use this on avast! Free version too. it will give you subscription since 2050 ( so no need of renewing )
  • You can use avast without restarting after installing ZeNiX. but the activation will be enabled only if you restart your computer
  • You can install any update including avast application updates and virus-definition updates while using this subscription. ( if anything goes wrong, just reinstall the crack )
  • This crack is originally found and developed by ZeNiX from exetools forum, On HAX just modified it as simple way of installing and activating
Setup Downloads
avast! Premier trial version setup [ 135 MB ]
avast! Internet Security trial version setup [ 135 MB ]
avast! Pro Antivirus trial version setup [ 130 MB ]
avast! Free Antivirus [ 107 MB ]

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